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Custom Order Form

We've updated our Custom Order Form! It's still two pages, but only the first page is required; the

second page is more just to give us a little extra information before we contact you. We've also included a box on the first page to let us know if you have a preferred contact method or time.

Don't want to go over anything via email and prefer Facebook Messenger? That's fine, we're more than happy to do so. Prefer a phone call? Okay! We can do that, too. Or perhaps you have a preferred time you want to be contacted so as not to interfere with your routine? We've got that covered too. Just let us know the time zone, maybe, so we can adjust for that. :)

Is there anything you think we're missing? Let us know on our main page: if you scroll down to the very bottom, there's a section entitled, "Give us a shout!" for general inquiries or feedback. We'd love to hear from you, and you can leave a testimonial if you've purchased a product from us before, all in one form.

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