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Our Story (abridged)

Bear Dog Crafts is veteran owned and operated.

The primary artisan, William, is a United States Air Force disabled veteran. While he wanted to put in his 20 years in service to his country, sadly he had to retire in 2020. He learned how to turn on a lathe via a military recreation program, where it helps as part of his journey towards healing. After retirement he and his wife, Morwyn, moved to Kansas with their 2 cats and giant Russian bear dog (Padushka). (They've acquired 2 more cats since then. Ares, Athena, Hades, & Zeus).

Bear Dog Crafts was started in January of 2020 as a hobbyist venture and is starting to take steps to move away from a hobby and become a business. William makes the items (primarily pens) while Morwyn works on social media, website design and management, customer service... everything on the computer side of things.

We can make pens (ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain), stems for glassware, kitchen item handles (measuring cups/spoons, grilling utensils), shaving razor handles, napkin rings, wooden rings (jewelry), necklace pendants, aromatherapy pendants, diamond dabber tools, crochet hooks, sewing seam rippers, game/hunting calls, and more!

We accept custom orders via our website or if you would rather not fill out a form, you can contact Morwyn by email at:

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