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Sad News

Some of you may be aware of our dog, Podushka, whom we named our business after (Russian bear dog/Caucasian shepherd).

On Saturday, February 3rd, we took our sweet bear Podushka to the emergency vet because she hadn't been eating. They said it was probably an infection and we brought her back home with medicine.

She wouldn't take her medicine--even with her favorite treats--so we took her back to the emergency room for more tests. She got a CT scan and the results showed large cell lymphoma in her abdomen. By Tuesday the tumors were pressing on her spine and she could no longer walk.

My husband and I went to the vet early in the morning on February 7th, at about 12:30am, to visit her and to say goodbye. She got two cheeseburgers, plenty of snuggles, and she passed peacefully.

Please snuggle with your pets, for us, and let them know you love them.

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